Quality dry-cleaning services

With more than 30 years in the business, we have the expertise you need for reliable, professional, high quality dry-cleaning.

We’re experts in tricky cleans too – with a national wedding dress dry-cleaning facility, and specialist services for high value garments, delicate fabrics, embellishments or unusual items.

It’s rare to find a truly local dry-cleaner these days.  We clean on the premises rather than sending your items away, so we can offer a speedy turnaround when needed.  If you’ve got a last minute demand for a clean suit, fresh shirt or dress, come and see us.  We’ll get it spick and span in just two hours. (Certain restrictions apply)

Bring your wedding dresses directly to us at the shop during opening hours. Taking care of wedding finery is so important, we’ve made it our speciality.  Confetti is the part of our company dedicated to the art of cleaning, packing and preserving wedding dresses and other outfits from your big day.  We’ll pick up and deliver your dress by courier from anywhere in the country and we’ll even pack it away in a beautiful handmade box to keep safe forever.

Weekly shirt laundry is one of our go-to services where we can take the hassle of regular washing and ironing away for you.  For a really affordable price, we’ll launder, steam, press and return your week’s work shirts all year round.  Give yourself one less thing to think about and let us take on the weekly wash.

Larger items in the home can be almost impossible to wash domestically.  We make light work of the heavy, difficult jobs like curtains, chair or sofa covers, rugs, blankets, duvets or pillows.  With special cleaning cycles for each item, and a range of individual stain removers, we know how to return all fabrics to their best.  

Bring your silks, satins, sequins and beads to us for the professional treatment.  Notoriously hard to clean, we’ve got the stain removers, specialist cleaning cycles and eagle eyes needed to protect your most precious garments.  Cleaning fragile clothing or expensive designer wear is another of our specialisms so we really know our stuff.

Cleaning and removing stains from all types of leather is an art form.  We’ve got all the specialist products for bringing your leather up a treat.  So whether it’s a leather jacket, trousers or skirt, we can clean it – and we do other difficult items too such as feather or down jackets and sheepskin.

We know it’s easier to get things sorted in one place so if you’ve got a favourite item that’s showing its age, or a new outfit that’s a bit too big or too small, we can take care of tailoring too.  For simple repairs or alterations we work with three excellent local tailors we trust.  Just ask us when you book in for a clean and we’ll get them to work.

For all those items you can’t bring to us, we’ll help you achieve a professional clean at home.  Rug Doctors clean carpets and upholstery quickly and easily and you can hire directly from us.  We’ll provide the specialist cleaning products to go with it and give you a tutorial on how to use it too.

We’ve worked in partnership with local businesses for decades, taking care of commercial dry cleaning.  Whether you have regular staff uniforms to wash, want to offer a dry cleaning service to customers, or need one-off larger cleans of household items, we’re here to discuss a bespoke service for your business.