Frequently Asked Questions

Frequent questions about Care Clean’s services

Dry cleaning uses a special solution to clean clothes rather than the usual soap and water. This means clothes don’t stretch, shrink, fade or get damaged through cleaning. We use a series of different processes from the cleaning solution, to a steam clean and any stain removal treatments required. Garments are individually handled and quality checked throughout.

Most fabrics benefit from dry cleaning, especially fragile or delicate materials like silks, satins or wools.  However, regular cottons, polyesters, linens and mixed fibres can also be dry cleaned as well as washed normally.  The only type of material we can’t dry clean is anything containing plastics such as PVC, but we’ll still take them and put them through a wet cleaning process.

Dry cleaning isn’t just for clothes.  We can also clean household items such as curtains, chair and sofa covers, duvets and pillows.

No, on the contrary, it is actually beneficial for fabrics to be dry cleaned when compared to a wet wash.  Fibres are protected from shrinkage, wear, stretch and fade.  Have a read about the other benefits of dry cleaning.

Whilst we can’t guarantee we can make every stain vanish, we definitely have the best chance of success.  As professional cleaners, we have every kind of product and knowledge of the best methods of removing all types of stains.

Yes, the combination of the cleaning solution and the heat of the steaming process effectively kills germs and moth larvae.

Questions about our services

The usual turnaround time is 2 – 3 days.  However, as we clean on the premises in Exeter, and don’t send your items away like so many dry cleaning chains, we’re also able to offer an Express service which turns your clothes around in just two hours (certain restrictions apply).  Perfect for a last minute emergency!

Alongside the usual items of clothing, we clean leathers suedes and some shoes (such as trainers).  We have a specialist wedding dress service and we also clean household items like curtains, sofa, chair or cushion covers, plus bedding such as duvets and pillows.  Whilst we can’t clean inside your home, we do also rent out RugDoctor cleaning kits which will enable you to clean your carpets and upholstery.  Take a look at all our services.

We have a strict system in place to track each item.  Firstly, we don’t send anything away to be cleaned, so every garment remains on site in Exeter.  As soon as items are checked in, they are labelled and a description added to the customer’s paperwork.  As clothes pass through the cleaning system they are checked at each of separate 4 processing stages. 

We always try to help so recommend you call us on 01392 218270 and talk to us first.  We’re often out and about so if we’re passing your area, we’ll stop in and collect for free anyway.  If not, we have a series of small business partners across Devon.  Simply drop your items in to them and we will deliver back there after cleaning.  Take a look at our Collection & Delivery page to find out more.

We aim to be fair so deal with this on a case by case basis.  If you spot that an item looks less than perfect, we will always re-clean it for free.  If something goes wrong, or we are unable to make any difference, we’ll discuss options with you. We’re also covered by insurance.

We don’t only clean clothes.  We have a specialist wedding dress cleaning and preserving business and take on general household or commercial cleaning too.  For use within your own home, we also hire RugDoctors.  Take a look at our Services page to find out more about everything we offer.